I invite you to journey with me through the ancient intersection of spirituality, simplicity & sustainability. Our goal is to create a delightful modern lifestyle that honors Mother Earth. If you are looking for your Inner Goddess, perhaps you may find her peeking out of this goddess guidebook series. Let’s go!~ RM Allen, the Green Goddess of New Hampshire


The New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles,

Vol 1: Light Your Torch!

A fast-paced orgasmagical spiritual safari taken with a pantheon of goddesses as guides. With torches raised high, this group of women journey with Voluntary Simplicity down the long brown path together. Around every corner something new is illuminated: an Agawam chief’s grave, a trip to inner space, a lover’s soulful kiss, the magic of herbs, the joy of Beltane. You laugh, you cry, you see yourself mirrored in the torch-time adventures.

Plot: Marie, a 40-something woman, reinvents herself through opening up her awareness to messages from the universe. Finding herself working in a church office, she sees an opportunity to find the answer to THE big question “what is the purpose of life?” – right from the horse’s mouth. She looks high and low in that church for the answer. After thorough investigation, and a trip to the bell tower, the answer begins to reveal itself, but not in the way she had imagined. Armed with the combination of Voluntary Simplicity and Dr. Doreen Virtue’s deck of Goddess Oracle Cards, Marie goes on romping spiritual safari and is joined by a bunch of goddess friends who show up along the way. They recognize synchronicities when they happen (even if it is disguised as a big bowl of ugly), and they all shout out raucously “Boom shaka –lucka!” This fun goddess guidebook helps you find your intuitive inner goddess.

 $4.99 on Kindle   

***What folks say about volume 1:

“Don’t pick up this wee book unless you want more peace and bliss. Don’t read these torch-lit words unless you want to remember yourself as a green goddess. Whatever you do, don’t take its message to heart. Or you may find yourself humming a chant, walking a labyrinth, picking wild weeds for a salad, or even attending a moon lodge. And don’t peek either.”~ Susun Weed, herbalist, author of the Wise Woman herbal series, and voice of the WiseWoman Tradition

“I loved reading this book! It is an openhearted, inspiring and supportive account of one woman’s spiritual adventures. I hope her journey will inspire others to embark on their own quests for depth and joy, because our world needs more people who are so fully alive.”~Rev. Frank Clarkson, Unitarian-Universalist Minister


Scorpion in the desert cover mini

New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles,

Vol. 2: A Scorpion in the Desert

The journey continues! Now we are on a vision quest of sorts in Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon. The goddess girls are searching for energy vortexes amidst ancient ruins and scorpions, while old chapters of life are closing quickly back home. This is a fun and quick read for women who want to re-invent themselves at the intersection of spirituality, simplicity and sustainability. This book uses Dr. Steven Farmer’s EarthMagic® Oracle Cards as a transformational tool to guide you towards your own True North.

Plot: Marie travels with spiritual friends to the desert in search of vortexes and other enhanced energies. The trip starts in Phoenix, journeys through the Red Rocks of Sedona, into the Navajo Nation, and deep down into the Grand Canyon. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned! Where can she go to avoid buses of Italian tourists? Will she ever get off the Bright Angel trail?  What is the Universe trying to tell her as her empty-nest looms large back home?  It is a tale sprinkled with discussions of spiritual and environmental issues.  This fun goddess guidebook helps women of a certain age find their intuitive inner goddess at the intersection of spirituality, simplicity, and sustainability.

$4.99 on Kindle

****What folks say about volume 2:

“Ms. Allen tells the tale of her emergence into a deeper spirituality in a very conversational style. Any woman who reads this will certainly relate to her tribulations, triumphs, and the insights that she gathered along the way. It’s as if she is speaking directly to the reader and inviting her along on her journey.”  —Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Earth Magic®, Earth Magic® Oracle Cards, and Animal Spirit Guides. (www.earthmagic.net)

“Every woman should sit down with a cup of hot tea and join RM on her adventures. She takes us back to our ancestors, connects us with mother earth, and gives us a vision for the future to help us start our own journey.”      —Tracey Miller, nutritionist, health coach, and co-founder of the Food and Health Forum series. (www. traceymillerwellness.com)

Note from the author:

Hello my sister goddess,

This goddess guidebook series was written with the hope that you may find your own intuitive inner goddess, or feminine power. Why? Because when women are happy and empowered, it spreads to the family, their community, and so on…and the world becomes a more peaceful place.

Now, there comes a certain time in a woman’s life when may know it is time to reinvent herself. Certain goals have been obtained and certain obligations have expired and so begins her new chapter. She may wonder what is the meaning of life – of my life? What was I put here to do??

Through the stories, I hold myself up as a mirror for so you may see various parts of yourself reflected. The worksheets exercises between chapters may help you to develop your own intuition and begin to see synchronicity as it is happens. Each book uses a different set of fun boxed oracle cards (easily purchased on the internet) as the vehicle for the journey.

As for me, my journey is continually evolving!  What has happened since volume two went to print? I meditated at Occupy Boston in 2011, went to India and Nepal in 2012, got married to a man called Zeus (not kidding) at the end of 2013, marched in the NYC People’s Climate March in 2014, and have been blown away by Pope Francis in 2015. Sounds like a volume three needs to be written….and yes, it is finally underway! Stay tuned.


rosemary gladstar herbal conference video newfound lake NH

Cell phone footage of the Herbal Conference 2012


Watch a couple cool videos on my YouTube channel. like this 2012 one of Rosemary Gladstar’s 25th Annual Women’s Herbal Conference. What fun to hang out with hundreds of  women only for an entire weekend!!

A big thanks to Rosemary for putting this event on every year.



The intersection of spirituality and sustainability

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RM Allen is a green goddess who lives simply on the New England coast. She holds a masters degree in business communications, and is on orgasmagical spiritual safari. She has a fun and unique writing style, which is inspiring to her sister goddesses.

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(RM at the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail, wearing her trusty black bandana, before the incident….)


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