RM allen goddess books smallby RM Allen, the Green Goddess of New Hampshire

Goddess guidebooks to help women navigate the modern intersection of sustainability, simplicity & spirituality.  As women reclaim their power, their families and communities also gain grace. Your ancient Inner Goddess is waiting for you inside this new goddess guidebook series! 

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NH goddess chronicles vol3 Meditation Matters by RM Allen 2016

New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles, Vol. 3: Meditation Matters

$4.99 on Kindle   $10.95 on Amazon  (135 pages)

Let’s spend a golden summer meditating at the Winsome-Lusome Farm in Coastal Maine as we ponder life changes via the Maiden-Mother-Crone archetypes. One phase seems to be missing there – enter the Queen!  The pope joins us too with his environmental encyclical as tipping points are reached on various fronts. The Third-Eye opens. A fun read for women looking to gracefully navigate life while riding the menopause merry-go-round!

This book uses Caryn Sangster’s Chakra Insight Oracle cards in discussions of the Asian chakra energy system, and how you can use it in your own life.

——What folks say about volume 3:

“A fun, light-hearted yet thought provoking story of Ms. Allen’s journey into herself and the world. The reader is invited to travel along, exploring their own inner and outer world using the chakra system as a guide. This book is sure to motivate and inspire the reader to live a more conscious, collective and passionate life!”  —Caryn Sangster, author of Chakra Insight® Oracle Cards,  (

“If you are feeling called to a deeper connection with not only your own Goddess, but sisterhood with other Goddesses, this is a wonderful and fun guide, written beautifully and simply by Ms. Allen. This gifted author shows us how the marriage of ancient and modern ways leads to a vision of a family-friendly society, where men and women work together with respect and love for the planet. Within these pages you may catch a glimpse of your unique calling in an environmentally sustainable future.”   —Karen Jones, Relationshiop coach and author of Men are Great,   (


New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles 1, Light Your Torch New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles, Vol. 1: Light Your Torch!

$4.99 on Kindle    $14.95 on Amazon (121 pages)

A fast-paced orgasmagical spiritual safari taken with a pantheon of goddesses as guides. With torches raised high, this group of women journey with Voluntary Simplicity down the long brown path together. Around every corner something new is illuminated: an Agawam chief’s grave, a trip to inner space, a lover’s soulful kiss, the magic of herbs, the joy of Beltane. You laugh, you cry, you see yourself mirrored in the torch-time adventures. Join 40 something Marie as she reinvents herself after a divorce, by opening up her awareness to messages from the universe. Finding herself working in a church office, she sees an opportunity to investigate religion …or is it spirituality?

———-What folks say about volume 1:

“Don’t pick up this wee book unless you want more peace and bliss. Don’t read these torch-lit words unless you want to remember yourself as a green goddess. Whatever you do, don’t take its message to heart. Or you may find yourself humming a chant, walking a labyrinth, picking wild weeds for a salad, or even attending a moon lodge. And don’t peek either.”~ Susun Weed, herbalist, author of the Wise Woman herbal series, and voice of the WiseWoman Tradition

“I loved reading this book! It is an openhearted, inspiring and supportive account of one woman’s spiritual adventures. I hope her journey will inspire others to embark on their own quests for depth and joy, because our world needs more people who are so fully alive.”~Rev. Frank Clarkson, Unitarian-Universalist Minister


NH Goddess Chronicles, Vol. 2: A Scorpion in the Desert

$4.99 on Kindle  $14.95 on Amazon (132 pages)

The journey continues! Now we are on a vision quest of sorts in Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon. The goddess girls are searching for energy vortexes amidst ancient ruins and scorpions, while old chapters of life are closing quickly back home. Who ever thought an empty-nest could be so scary? This is a fun and quick read for women who want to re-invent themselves at the intersection of spirituality, simplicity and sustainability.

This book uses Dr. Steven Farmer’s EarthMagic® Oracle Cards as a transformational tool to guide you towards your own True North.

——What folks say about volume 2:

“Ms. Allen tells the tale of her emergence into a deeper spirituality in a very conversational style. Any woman who reads this will certainly relate to her tribulations, triumphs, and the insights that she gathered along the way. It’s as if she is speaking directly to the reader and inviting her along on her journey.”  —Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Earth Magic®, Earth Magic® Oracle Cards, and Animal Spirit Guides. (

“Every woman should sit down with a cup of hot tea and join RM on her adventures. She takes us back to our ancestors, connects us with mother earth, and gives us a vision for the future to help us start our own journey.”      —Tracey Miller, nutritionist, health coach, and co-founder of the Food and Health Forum series. (www.



rosemary gladstar herbal conference video newfound lake NH

Journey with us! Cell phone footage makes it almost like being there! Watch a couple cool videos on my YouTube channel like this 2012  Rosemary Gladstar’s 25th Annual Women’s Herbal Conference. What fun to hang out with hundreds of women getting their goddess on for an entire weekend!! A big thanks to Rosemary for putting this New England event on every year.

Or how about this video in Nepal. Or this one in Chennai, India? Or this one at Occupy Boston. We do have some fun in these goddess guidebooks! Join in the fun…your goddess sisters are waiting for you.



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