Hot Flash at Night

Ballad of the Hot Flash at Night

(to the tune of Beverly Hillbillies)


Come and listen to a story ‘bout a woman in her bed

For one full year all a-sweatin’ and a-red

Then one day she had had it up to here

Sat at her laptop and did a questionnaire

(“bout getting old & dry that is, not she!)


Well the first thing you know our girl’s getting’ prepared

Kin folk said “now girl don’t be scared”

Said the vitamin aisle is the place you oughta be

So she loaded up the car with jars of B, D, and E

(From Rite Aid that is, sleepy time, melatonin)


Well now it’s time to say goodbye to the flash and its dry kin,

It’s great to be a crone, don’t want the fake estrogen

The thing that really gave that flash the kybosh

Was a jar of the herb called Black Cohosh

(Juicy Goddess, that’s what he calls her now

….Y’all got Kundalini power, it’s here!)


Explosive hot flashes? Goddesses use a natural remedy to ease the way….Black Cohosh: every few days