Note from the author:

Hello my sister goddess,

This goddess guidebook series was written with the hope that you may find your own intuitive inner goddess, or feminine power. Why? Because when women are happy and empowered, it spreads to the family, their community, and so on…and the world becomes a more peaceful place.

Now, there comes a certain time in a woman’s life when may know it is time to reinvent herself. Certain goals have been obtained and certain obligations have expired and so begins her new chapter. She may wonder what is the meaning of life – of my life? What was I put here to do??

Through the stories, I hold myself up as a mirror for so you may see various parts of yourself reflected. The worksheets exercises between chapters may help you to develop your own intuition and begin to see synchronicity as it is happens. Each book uses a different set of fun boxed oracle cards (easily purchased on the internet) as the vehicle for the journey.

vol 3 manuscript at desk
#3 manuscript w/red pen at my desk

As for me, my journey is continually evolving!  What has happened since volume two went to print? I meditated at Occupy Boston in 2011, went to India and Nepal in 2012, got married to a man called Zeus (not kidding) at the end of 2013, marched in the NYC People’s Climate March in 2014, and have been blown away by Pope Francis in 2015.

So I wrote a volume three and released it in spring 2016. I thought I was done. What else could I write about?


On a happy day in November 2016, dressed in white as a nod to the Suffragettes,  I cast my vote and went peacefully to sleep that night.

Then ….surprise!

Hmmm. Seems like there is still so more work to do. Must persist.





wearwhitetovoteRM Allen is a green goddess who lives on the New England coast with her husband Zeus. She holds a masters degree in business communications, is on orgasmagical spiritual safari, and holds simplicity dear. She has a fun and unique writing style, which is inspiring to her sister goddesses. Her writings reflect her great “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” 

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